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Our camper rentals offer affordability, comfort, and convenience. They're easy to tow, require little to no setup or breakdown, are economical, and are pet friendly! Travel camper trailers are compact making them ideal for solo trips, couples, small families, or even a girls' getaway. 

Whether you're staying local, escaping for the weekend, or planning a cross-country road trip, our rentals are ready for your adventure! Accommodations and amenities, campfire and outdoor necessities, kitchen essentials, and more are all included and be sure to check out our growing selection of extras.

Easy Towing

Did you know that the majority of cars are only rated to tow 1,000 pounds and small-mid size SUVs 1,500 pounds? Yet most campers and travel trailers weigh well over 1,600 pounds, greatly limiting the average vehicle's ability to tow. 


Bitty Boho weighs in just under 700 pounds which means it can be towed by just about any vehicle that has a trailer hitch and 4-prong wiring plug.


Bigger isn't always better! Pop Up Campers, Tow Behinds, and RVs provide plenty of space but can feel overwhelming while towing or driving due to their size.


Since our travel campers have a compact design, they are light enough to move by hand and are much easier to maneuver and park making them ideal for those who lack experience with towing and backing up a trailer. Think of the simplicity when stopping for gas, food, or even a stretch break and the convenience when pulling into your campsite or while out boondocking.

The Time

Quick Setup

Enjoy more time to relax and explore once you reach your destination! Tents, Pop Up Campers, Tow Behinds, and RVs are incredibly time-consuming to set up and break down. With our camper rentals simply place the wheel chocks, adjust the hand crank stabilizer, and you're good to go.

Travel trailers are ideal for those seeking adventure on the road because you can park them with ease at your campsite or evening destination, unhitch your tow vehicle, and explore the area while your accommodation stays right where you parked it.


Basic features and a compact design means fewer pieces and moving parts, perfect for novice adventurers as well as those who prefer to keep things minimal and simple. Feel safe and keep your belongings secure in the hard-sided, fully enclosed camper, with locking windows and doors.  

Money Saving

Who doesn't want to save money while traveling? There are so many cost benefits to renting a travel trailer. They are incredibly lightweight making them much more economical to tow when it comes to gas. They are more affordable to rent compared to Pop Ups, Tow Behinds, and RVs; and are less expensive compared to a Hotel or Airbnb. 

Whether you're staying local, escaping for the weekend, or planning a cross-country road trip, our rentals are ready for your adventure! Accommodations and amenities, kitchen essentials, campfire seating, outdoor necessities, and more are all included with your rental reservation.

Image by Sasun Bughdaryan
Image by Krista Mangulsone


Thinking about planning a trip with your furry friend? We can't think of a better companion for the road which is why our camper rentals are dog and cat friendly! As long as our rental is returned to us in its original condition, there's no additional fee.


Websites like GoPetFriendly and BringFido make planning a pet-friendly trip pretty simple. You can map out your route and view pet-friendly campgrounds, restaurants, destinations, beaches, and parks.


If you’re considering exploring any national parks or national forests – make sure they are pet-friendly before your visit, not all of them allow pets and if they do, not all trails allow pets so be sure to do your research first.

You and your furry friend are going to have an amazing time together out on the open road!

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